Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Strategic Futurologist Director of the Positive Solutions Boutique

How do you like my new job title?

If you’ve read other blogs you’ll understand the difficulty I’ve had in the past in actually putting across exactly what I do for a living.

Well I’m wondering if this might be the answer.

You’ll note the exclusion of the words market and research; they’ve never made me that popular at parties for one reason and another.

Then there’s the qualitative word – well no-one can pronounce that for a start and even those who can, have no interest in what it means apart from enjoying the chance to tell me that they know it’s different to quantititititative.

Added to this I’ve been noticing some fancy titles lurking in advertising and marketing magazines recently and I think it’s time I had my own version.

So I’m not re-naming the offices Fruit Towers but I do quite fancy ‘doing an Innocent’ on my job title.

And these new words are not chosen at random:-

I’m ever so strategic – a fancy way of saying I think about stuff I find out and how it might be interpreted.

I’m a futurologist – well, the past, it’s so yesterday. And hey, I’ve always wanted to be involved with an ology.

I’m a director – the most important person in this entire… boutique.

Positive solutions – that negative vibe, man, no-one wants that any more; it’s answers our clients want.

I run a boutique – which is the current way of positioning oneself as a small market research agency. We’re very popular now apparently, low overheads, personal service, what you see is what you get.

So there you go, new title sorted. What next?

Ah, now it’s just a case of finding a large enough business card (or should that be QR code) on which my new title might fit.
Here’s to the future – infinity and beyond!