Tuesday, 7 August 2012

'Cheap Gourmet'

‘Cheap Gourmet’

Please see above the name for a new chain of restaurants I’m considering. 

It’s inspired by the name of another company I came across recently which calls itself ‘Easy Insights’.

After twenty plus years in research I was quite taken aback to find a company whose name suggests that it can provide insights that are simple.  The truth is I’ve always found them quite difficult to unravel.

Or was I just behind the times in terms of word definition I wondered?

The dictionary was consulted:

Clear or deep perception of a situation

A feeling of understanding

The clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

Grasping the inner nature of things intuitively

It seemed to me that the definition in my mind had not been too far from the truth.

But here’s a company that can discover deep perceptions easily.  Here’s a firm that can presumably make complex situations seem simple.

So good luck to them I say, maybe it’s time for me to consider my future career options.

And thanks to them, I had the inspiration for ‘Cheap Gourmet’.

We’ll create amazing dishes using inexpensive ingredients.

We’ll offer succulent meals made by untrained chefs.

Souffl├ęs will be our speciality and ours will be simple to make rise.

If I build this, do you think people will come?

You see I’m not so sure.

I think there are still plenty of people who understand that top meals require the best ingredients and trained chefs.

And there are still plenty of clients, most of mine included, who believe that insights come from high quality research conducted by the best researchers.

So I’ll tell you what, scrap the ‘Cheap Gourmet’ idea, I’m off to gather some insight. 

And I really don’t think it’s going to be that easy.